Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Great Movies and great toys

So Guardians of the Galaxy was one of the best movies so far this year. So funny, action packed and full of heart.  I loved this movie so although I wish minimates were making more comic based figures I like this wave because great movie and great toys.  Here you have Groot, Rocket Racoon, Star Lord (Peter Quill) Ronan the Accuser, Yondu, and a Sakaar trooper.  I got these at TRU so there is still 3 more I will have to get at a future date online. 

So this company ReAction is making toys of things that didn't get toys so I had to pick up this great looking Alien figure from Alien.  If there weren't expensive I would get the rest of the Nostromo crew but this will have to do for now.

Then I had to get my first Rocketeer figure from the same company.  His face looks dumb and I wish he had his helmet on but I love the packaging so I will live with the goofy face and keep it MIP.
 Then GI Joe has released some more figures that are like the 25th anniversary. This was a two pack that I had to get so that I could have this new version of HEAT Viper (who I vintage MOC).  I love that figure. The Blowtorch he came with will replace the one I already have since this one looks much better.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

That's Wizard!

The latest Star Wars line the black series has only had a few characters that I have absolutely had to have and it took me way too long to find them. I happened to discover these two at the Disney store.  Although I already have several Mara Jade figures I can't pass up another. Toys of the namesake of my daughter have to be added to the collection.

Then I had to add this one to my characters with lightsabers collection, here we have Darth Plagueis.

There is an episode of the new Ninja Turtles where the guys LARP and Donatello dresses up as a wizard so when I came across this one I just could NOT PASS because it was so wizard!

 Last year they released Clamp Champ in the MOTUC line and I missed it but they rereleased it this month so I had to snag this one.  Next week is SDCC so they may announce others I want but for now the only other one that I want is in September and that is Rio Blast. But below is Clamp Champ's bio.  This is one of the less cool figures but still looks pretty good.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Toy extensions

So some random additions to the collection. Here is a 12 inch Cobra Commander from like 1994 or something like that.  I love Cobra Commander so when I found this at a local antique store for 8$ I snagged him.

One of the few MOTUC figures left to buy this is Extendar (bio below)  Currently there is only one more announced figure that I plan on buying so not many more of these incredible figures to add to my collection.

I normally don't care for these Funko vinyl figures but I couldn't pass up this Alien.

The Disney store was clearancing their Muppets plush so I snagged this Rowlf for 10$

Another local antiques store got a visit from me and I snagged this vintage MOTU Sy-Klone

and this vintage Super Powers Superman.  Wish he had his cape but I loved this figure as a kid.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Treasures from a far away land.

So I went on a trip to the midwest and like I do whenever I go into a store with toys I go look at the toys. So in the Walmart in Burlington Iowa, despite not finding what I really wanted (SW black series Darth Plagueis) I did find some Tokyo Mater cars that I didn't have yet (I collect the cars from that specific Cars Toon)  Here you have Patokaa the police car, Kaa Reesu, and Chisaki. I love the style of this one and love the look of these cars.  Great find!

Then walking down the main street in Burlington I found a comic book store and inside the guy that works there had put out this big bag of old GI Joes and as you can see I got all that for 20$ SCORE!

Here they are set up (although SEAL and Snow Job I already had).  There are a bunch here I don't know and don'e care about but at least 1/3 of them are ones that I would have bought on ebay if I was a moneybags.  I especially love Wet Suit, I had him and a submarine that I loved.  I love sweet scores like this especially when they are attached to a good memory, in this case a trip to somewhere I had never been before. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Its just two bad!

Wow my toy collecting has just slowed down a ton!  As is evidenced by the lack of posts!  Well here is a few and with a promise that there will be a few more in the next month.  So here are the TRU Amazing Spiderman 2 minimates (I am getting a few more from this movie later)  You have Max Dillon, Electro, Green Goblin and Spiderman.  I loved the Electro character in this movie but didn't like Green Goblin at all.  Still a good movie.

So mattycollector made me really mad earlier this year when they released one of my most anticipated TWO BAD!  What made me mad is that you could only get him day of sale if you had a subscription!  So I had to wait to find a good deal on ebay for this rarer awesome figure.  I paid still too much for him but I feel like I got a good deal.  Glad to finally add this awesome MOTUC figure to my collection!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Biggest and the Best

Here it is, the largest and most expensive toy I have ever owned. Thanks to tax return, and birthday and Christmas money the lego Death Star with over 3,000 pieces is mine!  It took 4 1/2 movies, 3 episodes of Chuck and 3 episodes of House of cards (not all in one sitting) to build it.  It also required some ibuprofen to deal with the pain in my neck and the headache from looking at the MASSIVE instruction book (that actually came spiral bound!)

The other side.

Close ups of indisvidual compartments, the repair bay, the launch bay and the droid bay.

Gun turrets, the Emperor's chamber, and the chasm with a little rope for Luke to swing across on.

The meeting room, the detention level, the trash compactor, and the tractor beam station.

The superlaser and controls and another gun on the bottom. This thing is so flipping huge!  !0 year Pat living inside of me is still reeling from the awesomeness of this set!

Here is my son with the box to show scale on how big just the box was. Inside the box were four smaller boxes!

These Thundercats minimates are from the Thundercats Ho! 5 part TV movie.  You have Pumyra, Lynx-o, Berbil Bert, Ratar-o and Bengali.  Had to finish up the Thundercats line even though I only remember Ratar-o.

Got the rest of wave 54 Marvel minimates with Viper, Falcon (love this one), bad guy Winter Soldier (I also have the Shield agent version) and then Baron Strucker.

 Then one of the best for last!  I found this black series Boba Fett which is 6 inches tall instead of the regular 3 3/4 and I snagged him up quick and so glad that I did because he is by far the best Star War figure I have ever purchased and is one of the best action figures in general I have ever purchased.  Super articulation and incredible detail.  Love it!  Love having some birthday cash to spend on things so that I don't have to pass them up when I find them!