Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Biggest and the Best

Here it is, the largest and most expensive toy I have ever owned. Thanks to tax return, and birthday and Christmas money the lego Death Star with over 3,000 pieces is mine!  It took 4 1/2 movies, 3 episodes of Chuck and 3 episodes of House of cards (not all in one sitting) to build it.  It also required some ibuprofen to deal with the pain in my neck and the headache from looking at the MASSIVE instruction book (that actually came spiral bound!)

The other side.

Close ups of indisvidual compartments, the repair bay, the launch bay and the droid bay.

Gun turrets, the Emperor's chamber, and the chasm with a little rope for Luke to swing across on.

The meeting room, the detention level, the trash compactor, and the tractor beam station.

The superlaser and controls and another gun on the bottom. This thing is so flipping huge!  !0 year Pat living inside of me is still reeling from the awesomeness of this set!

Here is my son with the box to show scale on how big just the box was. Inside the box were four smaller boxes!

These Thundercats minimates are from the Thundercats Ho! 5 part TV movie.  You have Pumyra, Lynx-o, Berbil Bert, Ratar-o and Bengali.  Had to finish up the Thundercats line even though I only remember Ratar-o.

Got the rest of wave 54 Marvel minimates with Viper, Falcon (love this one), bad guy Winter Soldier (I also have the Shield agent version) and then Baron Strucker.

 Then one of the best for last!  I found this black series Boba Fett which is 6 inches tall instead of the regular 3 3/4 and I snagged him up quick and so glad that I did because he is by far the best Star War figure I have ever purchased and is one of the best action figures in general I have ever purchased.  Super articulation and incredible detail.  Love it!  Love having some birthday cash to spend on things so that I don't have to pass them up when I find them!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

33 and still a child.

Well yesterday was my 33rd birthday and I did get some new toys and I realized I haven't postes since Chistmas Eve so just catching up here.  My brother in law Christ got me the Age of Ultron Minimates set for Christmas.  There is a great tronesque Iron Man, a new nick Fury, Ultron and Angela

I picked up a bunch of new lego minifugres to cross off my list, Coleman Trebor, Agen Kolar, Ree-Yees and my new favorite Max Rebo.

I also got Darth Malgus which was the last one to fill up my minifigure display case of Jedi and Sith.

Then on my birthday I picked up some TRU exlclusive minimates because they were on clearance.  I got a Hydra Elite, SHIELD agent Winter Soldier, Ultron Drone, and Age of Ultron Wolverine.  The comic shop wave that corresponds to this comes out next week so I will have some more to post then.  I AM STILL HERE and I am getting the mother off all legos soon so there will be a great post soon for that.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Its not even Christmas yet!

Ok so it isn't even Christmas yet (who knows what will happen tomorrow) but I have increased my minimate collection (I also descreased it recently by adding some to my trade/sell list) Here we have TRU wave Superior Spiderman and a Black Widow to replace my other one (this one looks much better.

Here is a group of mail away minimates for a Marvel animated movie called Iron Man and Hulk Heroes United. The movie sucked but I got a code to mail away for these great Iron Man minimates and this Hulk in Iron Man armor (I am not keeping the Hulk though)

Here we have the rest of The Wolverine movie wave. Viper, Mariko, Shingen Yahida, and Black Hand Ninja.  I really like the Mariko.

Then here are some of the Thor 2 wave (my order came with some wrong stuff so I have to wait to see on some others).  You have Malekith the leader of the Dark Elves and then one of my new all time favorites, Heimdall!!!!!!

Lastly you have the Villains Zombies box set with Galactus, Red Skull, Green Goblin, and Magneto.  I wish they would do more of the Zombies stuff but they say this is going to be the last of them.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Minifigures ahoy!

So I have been adding to my lego minifigure display and got this Bossk on a keychain for only 3$ wahoo!
Then I had to get this Stass Allie for my Jedi ledo display case.

Go a few TF Kre-o simply because it had been a few weeks since I got anything. So I got Thrust, Huffer and a cool Soundwave with a bunch of interchangeable parts.

Then I got the TRU The Wolverine minimates (I still am waiting for my comic shop wave ones to come) So here you have Ninja Harada, Yukio and then WW2 and Yukon Wolverine.

Last we have a great pack from the TRU wave 17.  You have Pepper Potts as Rescue and the Gremlin as Robot Hulk. Sorry it has been a while and this is brief, but I am still here and still collecting!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Eye popping upgrades.

Well MOTUC has wound down to the point where what I buy is few and far between (just because I am only buying the figures I just can't pass up) so here you have the last one for this year, Mantenna!  He comes with extra eyeballs to attach tomake it look like his eyes are popping out.  He actually has four legs and he is definitely in the top 5 of this whole line for me.  Read the bio below.

I also upgraded my Desert Skiff and Sarlaac so that I could have a MUCH MUCH MUCH better Boba Feet, a cooler Lando, and a new Skiff guard guy.  I am just waiting a package from to finish my lego minifigure display and then I will put up pics of that.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wave 50 and beyond

After way too many delays wave 50 of Marvel minimates came int he mail today (along with wave 51)  This wave was voted on by fans and even though several that I voted for didn't win (mostly Iron Man stuff) this is a great wave.  The army builder is the Nova Corps Centurion (I am only keeping one but show two inthe pic so you can see the alternate head). Then you have Baron Zemo I and II, a long awaited Captain America villain.

Then you have the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider who looks great and then ONSLAUGHT!  Super cool.

Then to round out the wave you have Cyborg Spiderman and Songbird with a really cool base.

Wave 51 included Nick Fury Jr and Mariah Hill. The army builder was a Heavy Shield Agent who is on the jetpack here. I took the extra pieces that you can put on Nick Fury to make Captain Steve Rogers and put those parts ont he other Heavy Shield agent to maximize what I got out of this wave.

Then you have Sam Alexander Nova (which my son was excited about since we just watched Ultimate Spiderman on Netflix) and then Superior Spiderman which is actually Dr Octopus mind inside of Spiderman.

Lastly you have Shann the She-devil from the Savage land and a Savage land Reaper which is just Sauron to me.  Great minimates here with of course more to come by Christmas!