Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What's a robut?

So went to St George this last weekend and was in a random educational toy shop and saw the display with all the little laser etched metal model kits and saw that they had Transformer ones so of course I had to pick up the Soundwave.  It looks pretty cool but NEVER AGAIN! This thing was the biggest pain int he but to put together! You can see on the left his knee is buckled and there are several pieces that are barely hanging on or broken. Of course this is partially because I am not the best putting it together but still these are not worth the time and frustration.

Also while out of town we went to a Barnes & Noble and I found this great Gundam Wing Fence model. Much better assembling experience and much cooler looking.  I love this model kits and I love how cool Gundam look!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Still love me some minimates!

One of my favorite movies of all time, Aliens got a minimate treatment.

Here is Ripley, Apone, Hicks and other colonial Marines

A face hugged colonist and some Aliens.  They have wave 2 announced and I am loving everything about these!

They did some single pack Avengers Age of Ultron minimates but they were in blind bags so I purchased these four on ebay. There are two different Ultron drones and then 02 and 04 from the Iron Legion.

Wave 60 of minimates is already one of my favorites because we finally got some classic X men characters that we have been lacking. Here we have Banshee and Forge to add to the good guys. Then we have a bunch of members of the brotherhood. We have Pyro and Blob two of my favorite bad guys from when I was a kid. Then we also got Avalanche and Destiny.

The wave also came with a Storm and Jubliee with parts to make other characters so I chose to make Gambit and Psylocke.  

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Wave 2 of the TMNT minimates are AMAZING!!!! The four turtles came with alternate head and alternate parts galore!! I especially love Donatello's in love eyes so he can gaze and the April miniamte I already have. 

 This wave also has Splinter, Casey Jones, Bradford, a Krang Norman bot and Karai, Ttere is also a Krang brain! I am dying to see what they do next with this line because these are so incredible!

I was at Shopko and don't normally buy toys there but they had this Jedi Temple Gaurd from an episode of Rebels that I didn't know they were making and so I had to snag it (2 bucks more than Walmart) because I didn't want to miss this cool figure. It will be my packaging representation for my toy room (meaning I have at least one figure still MOC for all the different packaging styles)

So some of the MOTUC figures come with alternate head for the 200X style and their vintage style.  I like the other head but they have been just sitting in a bag in a box with other extra parts so I decided to make a head display stand. It doesn't show in the picture but I also had 4 vintage MOTU puzzles that I put together and glued onto a backer and hung on the wall behind this curio. Since it it a glass curio they act as a background to my MOTUC figures.  I thought it was pretty cool.

Saturday, April 11, 2015


I love the new TMNT series and they had an episode where the turtles have to get their edge back and they have different outfits so since Donatello is my favorite I had to snag him in this cool outfit.

 TRU got their Avengers Age of Ultron minimates and since I have to have Iron Man I picked up that two pack and then the exclusive pack of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Luckily IM came with Black Widow so it was a figure I wanted too.

 So the new SW Rebels show is great but Disney's first line of figures from the show are lame because they have crappy articulation but being me I had to pick up Kanan and the Inquisitor to go on my Jedi and Sith shelf.  Necessities? 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Obscure toy from my childhood!

So I snagged the first Lego set from Avengers Age of Ultron because it had a Hulkbuster Iron Man!  Love that version of IM and it doesn't hurt that the set came with an Ultron Prime, Hulk and Scarlet Witch.  Can't wait for this movie!

So I was trying to remember this car toy I had as a kid that when you revved it up and let it go it would drive and the switch on the front when it hit a wall or something it would transform into a robot (like you see below) and drive back the other way!  I couldn't find what it was and then I described it to a my friend and he found what it was called which allowed me to find a great deal for one on ebay!  I love adding toys I had as a kid to my collection. 

These are called Pow R Trons and this one is called Fy-Ton.  Really weird and obscure but so cool!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Extended Birthday!

Well toys for this post started before my birthday and continued up through 2 weeks after but that's the way it is with me!  Here you have the blue light cycle and Sark from the Tron Kubrick set D.  I have set A and want all the others but they are too expensive so when I found this loose I had to snag it.

Here we have some of this year's new DC lego sets. This is the Green Lantern set with GL with the Lantern in a cage, Sinestro and Space Batman but the reason I got the set was for what's below.

I love this cool little GL jet!

Here we have the F91 MS in Pocket.  I got this same one when I was a kid and so I have been waiting for a good deal on Ebay and found one so I snagged it!

Here we have the 35th Anniversary of Alien miniamte set, finally got a Ripley.  I love the Kane with the chestburster and the Alien in this set is way better than the others I got with the Aliens set.  There is even a Jonesy cat!

Then I snagged the Marvel Zombies villains boxset #2 with Sabretooth, Dr Doom, Kingpin and Morbius.  I love the combination of Marvel and zombies!

At the Salt Lake City Fan X (our comic-con) I snagged these two Battle Beasts that I had when I was a kid for a great deal! (Rowdy Rooster and Slowpoke Sloth)

 I also snagged some vintage Joes at Fan X. I got Snow Serpent, Hiss driver and  Water Mocassin.

Then here is the only toy I got on my actual birthday.  This is the SW black series 6 inch Scout Trooper and Speeder bike.  This series of toys is amazing and if I was rich I would buy them all but they are expensive enough that I only occasionally get one but I had to get this one eventually because it is amazing.

TRU Marvel minimates wave 19 showed up this wave and it didn't disappoint, there is anti-sinister six Spiderman, Space Iron Man, Ronan, Classic Sentinel and Payback Wolverine.  Of course my favorite is the IM.

Toy Fair happened this last week and they announced a bunch more MOTU figures that I want but this is the last year of that line!  Here is the most recent addition to my collection.  This is Ninja Warrior more commonly known as Ninjor.  A classic toy that I recall playing with so I had to pick this one up. Bio Below.

I love Hulkbuster Iron Man so when I saw this playskool Stark armor I had to snag it!  Melody loves playing with it, it looks awesome so great addition!  This is quite the varied post!  Just an example of how varying my collection is!