Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year new toys!

Well this is actually the only toy I got for Christmas this year but at least there was one.  It is a new year now so here we go. This is the two Big Bang Theory minimates sets.  It came with two couches, two Sheldons, Leonard, Raj, Howard, Amy, Penny, and Bernadette.  It has some take out food, a computer, a soda, and a roommate agreement accessories. This was a satisfactory solitary toy gift for Christmas.

I went  to FYE after Christmas and they had all their NBX stuff 50% off so I got this Reaction Jack!  Love Jack Skellington.

Another Transformer that I had as a kid that is now in the Generations collection is Powerglide.  A-10s are my favorite jet so this was one of my favorite Transformers.

Here he is in jet mode.

Then with the beginning of a new year there are new lego sets!  Here we have a new T-16 Skyhopper to replace my old one that I got back more than 10 years ago!  Updated pilot and Tusken Raider are great too.

Then I got a set for these figures. I got Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren and a new version of the Stormtrooper. These are all from the new Rebels series.
Another Rebels set is the TIE Advanced prototype which I wanted because I have the other TIEs but this set comes with the Inquisitor which I would have bought but I wanted the ship too.  The pilot and imperial officer are keepers too. This is a cool looking TIE

Then I had to buy this set not only because it had the Double Decker couch from the Lego movie but also because it had 5 great minifugres for only 15$  This set came with Unikitty, Emmet, Ghost of Vitruvius, Benny the Spaceman, and President Business. (I already had the other figures int he picture).  So finishing up Christmas break and starting a new year with some great new toys!  Loving it!  Lets see if the trend of me buying less each year continues with 2015. Allons-y!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Pre Christmas tidbits.

Well only a few days till Christmas and I am sure there will more toys then and in the month that follows as toy stores restock their shelves but in the last month I found a Darth Malgus. No thanks to the TRU employee who had hid it and then got it out when I told him that was what I was looking for!

Down to the last few MOTUC figures that I will pursue here we have Tung Lashor.  Currently only one more on the announcement list and isn't for like 6 months so this collection of mine is almost complete (at least the ones that I want to get) Bio below.

 So I had Cosmos Transformer when I was a kid (I have a vintage one now too) so when I found this Generations version I had to get him (he came with Payload)  I love ones that look like classic toys but are updated.

 Spaceship mode.
Then they have these Mashable transformers (like the Deadpool I got a while ago)  and they finally released a Soundwave so I definitely had to snag it.

 Then I filled in some holes in my minifigure collection using  Here there is an Imperial Navy trooper, Imperial officer, Weequay, Luke, Dak and Kanan Jarrus. 

 This is my current minifigure collection with some up close pictures below.  There are likely some figures on here that I haven't taken individual photos of.  I love these lego minifigure and I know I will be adding more in the next few weeks.

Monday, November 10, 2014

The deluge!

I have had most of these for about a month but sometimes life gets in the way and I forget to update!  So a bunch of Marvel minimates. First is an exclusive set the Deadly foes of Spider-man from Lukes Toy Store.  I already versions of Carnage, Sandman, Lizard, and Doc Oc but these versions you see here were som uch better than my others that I had to replace them. Also with the extra parts I could take my old Lizard and make a Doc Conners. I especially love that Doc Oc can stand on his arms!

Then we have others from Amazing Spiderman 2 which is Alistair Smythe, Aleksei Systevich, Gwen Stacy and Graduation Peter. I have picked and chosen the few that I want from the alst few waves because they are all movie waves and I haven't wanted every single one.

Then we have the Captain America the Winter Soldier wave which has Brock Rumlow, Stealth Cap, Falcon, Black Widow, Batroc, Winter Soldier, and Agent Sitwell. The stand out in this wave is the Stealth Cap. 

Then I got one of the last three I need from the GOTG wave, here is Nebula. So I am still missing Gamorra and Nova Corps guy. So those should be added sometime soon.

 Then from Days of Future Past the only ones I got were future Prof X and Magneto because this is the first Patrick Stewart Prof X and Ian Mckellan Magneto. The rest of the wave were versions of characters that they have made before. I actually wish they would have made more characters from this movie as there were some great things they could have done (like two versions of sentinels).

 Then I got a loose Walking Dead Governor to add to my other Walking Dead mates.

Then the first Aliens set was a counter display of single characters.  You can see I got a bunch of Aliens and then a few humans.  The front is Burke which is awesome since it is Paul Reiser, then it also came with Spunkmeyer and Weirzbowski. There is an Alien set coming soon and then a full wave of Aliens and they recently announced Predator mates so wahoo!

Here is a closer version of an Alien.

Then more great news for minimates is Ninja Turtles from the new Nickeldeon series.  The first release were single packs at Kmart which I haven't found yet. I got these from a member on my minimate forum for a better deal then buying them new so no complaints from me.  I have Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael but still need Michelangelo and April.

Then I got a footbot, Shredder, and a foot soldier. Only missing  Kraang here.  Loving these minimates.

Then the crown jewel of all of this deluge is the Revoltech Donatello. Super articulated and detailed.  This is one of the best action figures I own. 

To make it even better you have an alternate drooling over April head.  Love it love it love it! Man that was a lot of new stuff, I probably missed some other things I have bought in the last month because I have fallen out of the habit of updating as soon as I buy stuff.  I think I got a few lego minifigures and some other things but these were the biggest parts.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The trickle before the flood

So next year is the last year of MOTU classics and currently what has been announced their are only 2 more that I want.  So this line is winding down for my collecting. Here you have Rio Blast and his bio below.  One of my least favorite characters only because I never had him as a kid but he is still one of the classics so here he is.

Here is the Deadpool Marvel mashups figure. They don't make a lot of Deadpool stuff (although they are making more) so I had to pick this one up, he looks really cool. If I decide to get anything else from this line then they can be taken apart and combined with other characters.

Here is a Donatello that makes sounds. I wanted this mostly because Melody loves it, so fun Donatello to add to my collection and a toy that makes my almost 1 year old giggle.  I have an amazing new Donatello figure for my next post on the way as well as a flood of new minimates on their way so stay tuned for the flood.

Friday, September 19, 2014

A little too much fun!

So I found a cool website called which has people from all over the world selling lego stuff.  So I made my first order to fill in some of the holes in my SW minifigure collection so I got Chief Chirpa, Jek Porkins and an A-wing pilot.

So they are making TMNT minimates but the first ones you could get were these translucent Michelangelo and Leonardo from SDCC. I had to get them on ebay but found a good deal. Can't wait for the first full wave because I must have a Donatello.

I love the new TMNT show and one of my favorite original show characters was Slash so I had to snag this new versino of him. 

So this month we had the Salt Lake Comic Con September 4-6 and then we got up the 7th and drove to CA for a week to go to Disneyland so there was lots of cool stuff to buy and although I got a lot here I sure could have purchased a lot more.  This cute little guy is a plush Deadpool. 

 I got some vintage SW figures from a random booth at the con and it was the last day so they were all 50% off so I got Ackbar and the entire Max Rebo band for 15$ !  I love great deals.

I also got a bunch of these blind boxed Sci Fi figures. Xander picked them for me and he picked all three versions of the Predator and the Alien.  There are several others from the collection I want but not a bad selection for picking 4 blind boxes!

While in CA I took Xander to Legoland and while there I picked up the new B-wing set (mostly for the minifugres of Cracken, Ten Nunb and Gray Squadron pilot).

Then I had to have this incredible Ecto-1 with the Ghostbusters.  It is seriously one of the coolest Lego sets of all time.

Today I snagged the Toryn Farr figure from the black series since it is a characters I don't ahve a figure of yet and she if from ESB.  There ya go, maybe I had a little too much fun in the last two weeks!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Great Movies and great toys

So Guardians of the Galaxy was one of the best movies so far this year. So funny, action packed and full of heart.  I loved this movie so although I wish minimates were making more comic based figures I like this wave because great movie and great toys.  Here you have Groot, Rocket Racoon, Star Lord (Peter Quill) Ronan the Accuser, Yondu, and a Sakaar trooper.  I got these at TRU so there is still 3 more I will have to get at a future date online. 

So this company ReAction is making toys of things that didn't get toys so I had to pick up this great looking Alien figure from Alien.  If there weren't expensive I would get the rest of the Nostromo crew but this will have to do for now.

Then I had to get my first Rocketeer figure from the same company.  His face looks dumb and I wish he had his helmet on but I love the packaging so I will live with the goofy face and keep it MIP.
 Then GI Joe has released some more figures that are like the 25th anniversary. This was a two pack that I had to get so that I could have this new version of HEAT Viper (who I vintage MOC).  I love that figure. The Blowtorch he came with will replace the one I already have since this one looks much better.